Bottom Feeder (Bike needed for Anchor House ride)

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Bottom Feeder (Bike needed for Anchor House ride) was created by Rosemary Reshetar
I'm posting this for a friend who puts in more time in spin class than anyone I know and who rode with CBBC before I knew that CBBC existed. Please reply directly to his email, or feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need a reference.

Help! This old broken down car mechanic is planning to do the Anchor house charity ride this July. The problem is that this old retired car mechanic doesn't have a suitable bike to make the 500 mile trip. The storage shed at my house has 5 off road bikes, all would make it but not with me riding them. So , because of such limited resources, I throw my self to the mercy of the court and and ask if I could borrow from someone, a road bike, from now till late July, If possible, this of coarse, should not be anywhere close to a prized possession, and as the bike fitters tell me, could be some were close to 53cm. I do have my own pedals, seat and post. I would certainly be responsible for maintenance, repairs, (my field) and return said bicycle in the same combat serviceable condition, possessing the same barbaric luster that it left with. I will leave my Hard rock, or my stump jumper, or my first born as collateral, or all three (if necessary).

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thanks Nick

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