Just like on the road, riding safely and smoothly off-road is an important goal for CBBC. The guidelines below cover many, but not all aspects of safe riding and respect for fellow riders, the trails, and other trail users. One element of a smooth group ride is that everyone knows what the "rules" are. We hope that putting these in writing will help.


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early and be ready to leave on time. Remember that the scheduled ride time is the time the ride will leave the parking lot.
  • Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order before you arrive.
  • Carry a spare tube, patch kit, pump and water bottle.
  • Practice safety and obey all trail rules.
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.
  • Leaders are not responsible for those who ride ahead of the group.
  • Always notify the leader before leaving the group.
  • Leaders will adhere to the advertised ride classification.
  • Any rider who appears to be riding in an irresponsible manner may be asked to leave the ride.
  • In the case of inclement weather, or if the leader fails to appear (probably because of an emergency), you can form a group and go on a ride if you like.


BE PREDICTABLE - Predictability is the foundation of safe riding. Be sure that others know what you intend to do. In order for people to stay out of your way, they need to know where you are going. Learn the conventions so that you know what to expect of other riders.

HEADS UP - Pay attention to the trail and other riders. Anticipate what is going to happen. Be prepared for the unexpected.

HELMETS - This is easy. Wear a helmet. This will minimize injuries when things don't work out as planned. No matter how experienced and careful you are, the unexpected can happen. People who have had an accident often say that something happened and it was all over before they could react. It CAN happen to you. Helmets reduce head injuries by 80% or more. With the wide variety of lightweight helmets available, there is no excuse to ride without one. Expensive, you say? Pay whatever you think your brains are worth.


EMPHASIZING: Positive People Interactions and Care for the Land

  • Make your contacts with others pleasant, no matter how brief.
  • Make the first move. Yield to hikers and horseback riders.
  • Speak up or ring your bell at first sighting! Try not to startle people or livestock.
  • When approaching oncoming livestock on narrow trails, speak, slow down and move off the trail to the downhill side. When passing livestock from behind, speak out and ask for instructions. Let both livestock and riders know you are a friendly human.
  • Ride in small groups and in single file when passing.
  • Ride in control and pass others slowly.
  • Respect private property and route closures. Leave gates as you find them. If we abuse a privilege, we'll lose it.
  • Tread lightly and leave no trace by packing out litter and avoid muddy trails. Stay off the vegetation and on designated routes. Try not to skid.
  • Help teach new riders proper trail etiquette. Lead by example.
  • Try not to disturb wildlife.

Remember that all mountain bicyclists will be judged by your actions. TAKE CARE OF THE PLACES YOU RIDE.