Road ID picRide leaders, turn in your waivers to earn this year's rewards! CBBC ride leaders can earn CBBC specially designed cycling shorts (new for 2016!) available only to ride leaders, or choose another reward--or earn them all! We have a great lineup of new rewards you can earn this year, or you can donate the value of your prize to one of several worthy organizations. The program runs from January 1 through December 31. Here's all it takes to earn your reward: 

  • Lead 4 rides: Earn a Velcro cue sheet holder.
  • Lead 7 rides: Earn a RoadID interactive wrist ID band or your one-year CBBC membership renewal.
  • Earn a special, newly designed CBBC ride leader jersey or cycling shorts when you lead 12 rides.
  • OR: you can choose to donate the value of your reward to one of the following organizations: the Heritage Conservancy; Neighborhood Bike Works; Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia; or Friends of Lake Nockamixon.

You can earn up to 3 rewards annually; the program starts anew each year. Ride credits are counted separately for each reward, so to earn one of all three levels of rewards you need to lead 23 rides.

Q&A:  How does my ride qualify?

  1. Submit your ride to the correct Ride Coordinator to list in each newsletter (your complete ride details are due to the coordinator by the 14th of the month prior), and

  2. Have participants sign a CBBC Sign-In/Waiver of Liability, and carry it with you on the ride in case you or medical personnel need it, and

  3. Turn in your Sign-In/Waivers to the Rides Director via paper or electronic transmission. (Sending along in batches is fine unless there was a reportable incident on your ride, in which case notify the Rides Director and provide the form with details promptly.)

What about the recurring multilevel rides, such as the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening spring/summer rides?  Each one of these led will count as 1 ride credit.

What if my ride that was listed in the newsletter gets rained or weathered out?  If adverse weather prevents your listed ride from occurring, you will get the ride credit, since you committed to lead in advance.

How will you know how many ride credits I have and that I'm eligible for a thank-you reward?  Once you've earned and would like to claim a reward, submit a list of your ride dates and the category (A, B, C+, C, D) to the Rides Director (along with your waivers if you have not already turned them in). The Rides Director will confirm your eligibility. Email address for Rides Director is listed on Rewards Form.

What if a couple or two people lead a ride?  The ride will count as one credit, so please pick which person will get the credit for the ride.

Rewards Form: Fill out and submit to claim rewards:

Leader Rewards Form.pdf

Leader Rewards Form.xlsx